The recent gang rape in Delhi has ignited our frustrations and helplessness against the demeaning face of our society. The art community in Baroda came together on the 12th and 13th of January 2013 to express their solidarity through an event called ‘Prayas’ . This engagement by the art community in Baroda was not to argue, or retaliate. It was a cry for a change, a hope for a more secure world. As life has to go on, we got together on this otherwise festive season of Uttarayan (celebrated by flying kites to mark the change of season) to awaken a community to share their expressions, as such tragic events and circumstances cannot be overlooked or forgotten. Silence is no longer a choice. This was an introspective engagement brought onto the streets by artists to question the existence of violence in and around us.

The event began in the evening on the 12th of January, Saturday and continued through the 13th of January , Sunday. ‘Prayas’ was a community project, open to citizens to engage with artists during Uttarayan to identify themselves with this recurring concern. As a mark of protest, the project limited its palette to red, black and white coloured kites. Participants were invited to assemble at the L&T junction, Karelibaug on the 13th of January, Sunday morning to paint the kites.

All the kites from Prayas were donated to street children and other citizens to fly during the festival and let the winds carry the message of awareness.


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